Raising Your Self-Esteem, Equals Independence ???

Raising Your Self-Esteem, Equals Independence ???

By Chef K.T. Murphy

Many people swear by the effectiveness of raising their self-esteem in establishing their independence. Have you ever been curious as to what this could do for you and how you could work to boost your self-esteem? Let us help!

In this article, you’ll learn the following:

  • How raising your self-esteem can help establish your independence
  • How raising your self-esteem can help ensure you retain your independence
  • How to raise your self-esteem – basic practices to get you started

Confidence. Comes through experience, Experience come through doing the work. Society has given up on experience through work. The misrepresentation of experience with a 4 year degree. We forget a 4 yr degree says you have the ability to Learn, Not that you know everything. That is the Masters and PhD, Because we can Pile it Higher and Deeper. This is the reason for Self Esteem issues as a society today.

Yes, do the book work and get the degree but do not be afraid to work. One of America greatest Company’s UPS in the beginning everybody was a driver. My experience 40 plus years ago. I went from: package handler, seasonal driver, Driver of Christmas Push. Driver, and then Driver Manager. If there was not enough drivers you would see all the brass jump into the brown work cloths of a driver and deliver package. We called it in the military LBE Leadership By Example and it described the METTLE of the individual and of the company UPS.

Raising Self-Esteem is a result Your Confidence

The major way that raising self-esteem can make you independent is by boosting your confidence. The more confident you are, the more independent you’re going to want to be. It will inspire you to not only insist on your independence but demand you get it.

As you boost your self-esteem and you become more confident, you’ll find that you have more of a command over your independence.

Raising Self-Esteem Establishes What You Deserve

With higher self-esteem, you’ll find that you have a better understanding of what it is that you deserve. You’ll find yourself settling less and less and truly going after what it is you want in life. You won’t let others control you, treat you poorly, or take advantage you.

Understanding what it is you deserve in life will help you become more independent. You deserve to make your own decisions, live your life how you want to, and enjoy your independence. When you have higher self-esteem and a better understanding of what you deserve, you don’t settle for anything less.

a goal without a plan is just a wish – motivational handwriting on a napkin with a cup of coffee

Having Higher Self-Esteem and More Confidence Helps You Retain Your Independence

When you have higher self-esteem and the influx of confidence that comes along with that, you demand that you retain your independence. You don’t stand for people taking control over what you want, what you do, or any part of your life. You demand the independence you worked so hard to gain.

Working to raise your self-esteem helps to not only affirm your independence but also ensure that it doesn’t go anywhere and no one infringes upon yours.

How to Raise Your Self-Esteem

Now that you know what raising your self-esteem can do for you, it’s time to put the work in to actually raise it. The following are great starter practices to turn into a routine that will boost your self-esteem in no time:

Affirming Your Worth

Throughout your day, give yourself a pep talk in the mirror. Tell yourself what you’re worth, who you are, and what you deserve. Remind yourself that you are strong, incredible, and valuable. You’re a unique person with great, unique things to offer this world; remind yourself that regularly.

Refusing to Settle

You deserve nothing but the best in life. You don’t deserve to be treated worse, have less, or be in any way lesser. You must absolutely refuse to settle for anything less than you deserve if you ever hope to affect a change in your self-esteem, confidence, and independence.

Sticking to Your Guns

You have to stick with these efforts and routines for a longer period of time if you ever hope to accomplish your goals in raising your self-esteem and claiming your independence once and for all. Don’t let yourself back-petal. Maintain the progress you’ve made and continue pushing forward.

Raising your self-esteem can most certainly help you boost your confidence, claim your independence, and retain it. Through the efforts made to improve your self-esteem, you will see a vast improvement in your quality of life and mental health. So what are you waiting for? Get started today.

Note, you must also be humbling. Do have a plan for your life, its not all going to happen as planned. If you ever see me I always have my note book in or by my side. I brake things down into 3 things short ,long and the middle or cloud. Every night, I write my list for the next day and up date my short in the rear of my note book. Moving things to long term in the front. So what is in the middle… The cloud. You know when you have an idea. That is just clouding up your ability to complete things write it down and it goes away till you need it at the end of the day so you can add it to the short or long. I am now rewriting my list 3 times a day to meet timeline and completing tasks. Yes everybody says used the computer or a tablet. I tried its in the middle section LOL

All the best

Chef Murph

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