Alternative Medicine Practices for Effective Weight Loss

Alternative Medicine Practices for Effective Weight Loss

By Chef K.T. Murphy

The alternative practices listed below can be effective for helping people to lose weight and keep it off effectively. These strategies must be combined with a nutritious diet that is healthy and made of appropriate portions as well as regular activity.


Meditation is a helpful alternative practice for many reasons. Through meditation, you can learn to be more mindful in your life. Mindfulness makes you more aware of your emotions and how they affect your choices. It also helps you to release negative emotions and stress that can be impacting how you choose to nourish yourself.

Those who meditate can learn to control their impulses to binge and to help everyone notice how food makes them feel and if they are genuinely hungry or experiencing some other emotion.

Becoming more mindful helps in many areas of your life, particularly in learning how to overcome issues with food, mental health problems, and other factors that influence weight loss and gain.


For thousands of years, the Chinese have been practicing acupuncture. This practice involves inserting extremely fine needles at strategic locations on the body, along lines of energy. By unblocking these points with the needles, your natural energy can flow, and you feel more balanced.

The points at which the needles are inserted are often near or along nerve channels, and the stimulation of these nerves by the needles increases circulation, releases feel-good hormones, and causes the body to relax. The ultimate effect of acupuncture is to reduce stress, to improve many different medical conditions that can cause weight gain, and to improve your sleep.

All these effects can be positive influences on the factors that influence your weight and health. If you have pain that is causing you to shun exercise or to self-medicate with food, acupuncture can help to relieve that pain and allow you to lead a healthier life.


Your mental attitude and disposition about yourself play a significant role in your choices and actions. The more you can see yourself as a healthy, thinner person, the more likely you are to make choices that help you to attain that goal. Visualization can be a powerful alternative practice that leads to a shift in your mindset, which can then help you to lose weight and keep it off.

Visualization also helps you to remember why you want to lose weight because you can see yourself living the life you want when you are able to enjoy all the activities you long to do.


Changing your habits is crucial to improving your actions, but you may have some long-held beliefs about food or yourself that are interfering with your efforts to lose weight.

Hypnosis is an effective strategy for introducing suggestions that can help you make better choices and to change your habits to ones that can lead to permanent weight loss. Hypnosis works for some people but not for everyone, but it can be an effective tool that helps you retrain your brain in how you think about food, exercise, or other lifestyle choices that are impacting your weight.

Exercise and Physical Activity

Getting enough daily exercise and activity is crucial to your weight loss for several reasons and is considered to be a holistic strategy for losing weight. Not only does moving your body help you to burn more calories but exercise also helps you to regulate your hormones, reduce your stress, sleep better, use insulin more effectively, and improve your mental health.

By addressing many of the significant causes of weight loss, exercise can be an effective tool in your weight loss arsenal in ways that have little to do with burning calories.

All the best

Chef Murph

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