White Wine Baked Cheeseee Spinach

White Wine Baked Cheeseee Spinach

by Chef K.T. Murphy

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1/2 cup of white wine 

1/4 Cup of Heavy Cream

1/2 cup butter

1 Teaspoon of Worcestershire Sauce

8 oz cream cheese chop into 16 cubes or cheese of choice

2 pounds of fresh Spinach

1  Onion chopped fine

1 Dash of Cayenne

1 lemon or lime


On high heat in a frying pan with water cook the spinach down. place in the buttered casserole dish.  Now in a sauce pan on low heat melt butter with the onion. After the onion become translucent, add Worcestershire Sauce, Cayenne, white wine. Then the cubed cheese stir rapidly, Stir well adding the heavy cream.  Place in a buttered casserole dish over top of the spinach, mix well and bake at 300°F for 45 minutes. When it comes out of the oven add grate and juice lemon or lime of choice 

This is one of my favorites to serve with baked fish sometimes I would add elbow pasta to make it a complete meal or bake potatoes, cut in half and make cheese spinach boats. Topped with sour cream and chives. Even add Mushrooms sliced or chopped fine if kids are eating.

All the best

Chef Murph


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