Pork Rind Soup (Prison Cooking)

Pork Rind Soup (Prison Cooking)

By Chef K.T. Murphy


  • 1 bag of Ramen (chicken or chili)
  • 1 Bag small of Pork Rinds
  • 1 any meat (beef jerky)
  • 1 Dash of Tabasco

    person holding a chopsticks and picking a noodles in black bowl
    Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com
  • 1 small bag of Doritos
  • Cheeze-It
  • Mayo or shredded
  • spicy dill pickle
  • American cheese


Take a thoroughly cooked, steaming hot Ramen, strain most water, add season, and add some diced spicy dill pickle. Add ANY kind of canned or packaged meat (even jerky) diced, a few crushed up rinds, some crushed Doritos, American cheese, and a bit of Tabasco or Cheeze-It, and a spoonful of mayo. Mix. Keep it covered & let it self-cook for  awhile. Once set, it can be used with tortilla chips like dip, or rolled up in a tortilla (flour) for a burrito. Microwave for 4/20 seconds or so and “get your gobble on” with a spoon! MMMM Goooood! 

Tip: A soup & pork rinds is basic, but no matter what you mix in them, they’re tasty!

All the best, Good Food makes For Better Decisions.

Chef Murph


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