Cohen’s Club Fed Pastry  (Prison Cooking)

Cohen Club Fed Pastry 

Buy several frosted honey buns from the commissary. Coat one bun with peanut butter and jelly. Place another on top and do the same, add a little nut, then another bun and another and another. Brake them up in a bowl. Then heat in the microwave for a few seconds to soften the buns, grab a spoon and enjoy.


Funny thing about going to federal prison over a county jail. If you are in a med to low security there is no door that locks at the Federal Correctional Facilities FCI except the fence and control points.  When I worked the Federal Prisons years ago. I met some very interesting people.

We will call him Tyrone. He was a young man from Harlem NYC in the late 1970s. Came from a single mother in the ghetto. Wanted to go to college but never would be able to afford it.

Short, Took a rusty old 22 pistol to 26 Federal Plaza in NYC a federal building and was arrested for carrying a concealed firearm in a federal building. Was sentenced to 5 years. The federal government asked him which facility he wants to go to. He said anything close to Penn State. In five years he had completed his Bachelor’s in Finance and had been accepted for his MBA at Columbia. When he was released he went to work on Wall street after only 2 days home.  See what you don’t know is that all the white-collar criminals go to med and low unless they are a security risk and it becomes a networking party if your smart.

Saw, Tyrone 4 plus years ago at a function I was working in the Hampton’s, of Long Island NY.  The benefit was 100k a plate as he was taking a picture with a lady running for President of the United States.

All the best

Chef Murph

PS I worked in the Department of Justice starting as a Prison Guard, became a 083 Federal Police Officer to 1811 US Marshall.  After injuries and hospitalization left federal law Enforcement to become a long haul trucker. Served on 1993 Terrorist Task Force, Organized Crime Task force and was Called back in 2000 for the Global Terrorist Task Force


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