The Benefits Of Choosing Organic Coffee

The Benefits Of Choosing Organic Coffee

by Chef K.T. Murphy

People the world over crave coffee to start their day, giving them an added boost. For the download (11)680742176..jpgmost part, many of us are simply looking to be energized as quickly as possible for the work day ahead and don’t really pay attention to whether the coffee we’re consuming is organic or non-organic. As a result, any type of coffee is our go-to option and can be ready within minutes from the comfort of our own home.

However, there are some major differences between drinking organic and non-organic coffee that you should know about.

What’s The Difference?

Regular Coffee

The usual coffee that millions of people consume on a daily basis is saturated in pesticides, fertilizers and numerous other chemicals.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has stated that an alarming amount of the chemicals contained in normal coffee production is dangerous to our health. To be specific, they found that 60% of herbicides and 30% of insecticides were cancerous or carcinogenic.

The chemicals that are involved when farming for normal coffee beans pollute the environment and create a toxic place for the farmers to work and affect the people living nearby.

Organic Coffee

Organic coffee means no other chemicals or substances are present in the production process. Organic coffee is grown without pesticides or chemicals. Additionally, many people feel the taste of organic coffee is superior to normal coffee due to its natural flavor that is unhindered by pesticides.

The only thing that these coffee beans have added to them is organic fertilizers, such as manure and compost. This results in less damage being done to the earth and to the crops of coffee beans.

It also means that you can drink it and not have to worry about the negative impacts pesticides have on your health.


Reasons To Go Organic

If you want to avoid health problems that pesticides can cause, then you should definitely choose an organic coffee.

Organic coffee beans contain more antioxidants. Web MD mentions how antioxidants are great at fending off free radicals – these are molecules that can inhibit the normal function of cells, causing cancer and oxidative stress that leads to premature aging. These free radicals are contained in many of the pesticides that are used in coffee farming, which can also increase body fat.

Some of the other implications that synthetic properties can have on your health include the following:

  • Hormone imbalances
  • Inflammation
  • CNS (Central Nervous System) complications
  • Immune system issues

Pregnant women should avoid non-organic coffee as much as possible. The chemicals consumed can be passed down to their baby, which has been linked with behavioral problems during childhood. Going organic means, you can still enjoy a cup of coffee while resting easy that you and your baby are going to remain healthier.

If you want to avoid chemicals and pesticides, make sure you buy organic coffee that has the USDA Certified logo.

Also, look out for the fair-trade logo. It means that you’re also doing a good deed when purchasing these types of products, as the farmers who work to produce beans for conventional coffee companies are severely underpaid. However, when they work under fair-trade, your purchases help to ensure they’re paid fairly to make an adequate living.

By taking note of what you put into your body, you will avoid any unnecessary health issues, especially when it comes to the world’s most popular drink, coffee.

Organic coffee is superior in every way to standard coffee. It beats it in terms of taste, health benefits and you will feel good about helping farmers earn a living. Try it for yourself.

All the best, Good Food makes For Better Decisions.

Chef Murph


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