Creating A Gratitude List To Improve Eating Habits

Creating A Gratitude List To Improve Eating Habits

By Chef K.T. Murphy

The ever-wise Dalai Lama 14th once quoted, “The roots of all goodness lie 190520_v9_bain the soil of appreciation for goodness.” Appreciation is the root of gratitude. It’s easy to express gratitude when someone shows us a measure of kindness when we reach a goal or even when we think about our family. However, one important aspect of our daily lives that should receive the utmost amount of gratitude is that of our health, mainly, healthy eating.

We may not be able to control our financial situation or even our relationships, but we can control what we consume on a daily basis. When we realize the benefits of eating the right foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we are not only improving our quality of life but showing gratitude to our body.

Compiling a gratitude list for healthy eating is a great way to jump start your journey to wellness. Meditating on these benefits will encourage and motivate us to continue striving for greatness.

1. Healthy Eating Helps Prevent Diseases

For some, the root cause of high cholesterol, diabetes, and even cancer is their diet. Consuming processed foods or foods high in fat regularly is damaging to your body. In fact, The World Cancer Research Fund recently discovered that eating large amounts of processed meat on a regular basis might increase the risk of bowel cancer.

Individuals with diets consisting of fruits and vegetables also have a lower chance of getting a stroke, having a heart attack, or dealing with other coronary heart issues. Over-eating and indulging in fatty foods leads to obesity, which is one of the main health concerns of many Americans.

When you make the decision to appreciate your body, your body, in turn, will thank you. Keeping in mind that what you eat will benefit your long-term health will help you remain focused.

2. You Will Have More Energy

One of the main benefits of eating healthier is having energy that lasts throughout the day. Foods high in fiber, iron, and B-complex are natural ways to boost energy without feeling drained. Productivity will increase which allows you to accomplish your goals with a clearer mind.

The Harvard Medical School of Harvard Health Publishing recently published an article laments, “Poor nutrition and inadequate calorie intake can cause fatigue.” Your mind and body will work at its highest potential. You will avoid procrastination, feelings of anxiety or unwanted pressure because you have the stamina to take on anything!


3. Healthy Eating Helps The Brain

It is no secret that what you eat directly impacts your body. However, what about your mental functions? Eating a clean and healthy diet is fantastic for your mental health. For example, signs of anxiety start in the stomach. Eating yogurt, drinking kefir, or consuming foods high in probiotics are nicknamed “brain food.”

The active organisms found in these sorts of foods work as natural cleansers that alleviate harmful components in the body. Making these probiotic items, a part of your regular diet will help you think clearer and avoid those feelings of anxiety.

Berries such as blueberries or strawberries are rich in vitamins and minerals that promote healthy thinking. They increase your memory, assist with recalling information and they increase your focus!

4. Eating Healthy Increases Your Confidence

Let’s face it, eating clean in a McDonald’s world is tough. When we’re initially embarking on this journey, old habits are sometimes hard to shake. It’s easy to succumb to those tasty cookies or pizzas when moments of weakness ensue. However, sticking to a healthy diet not only promotes your wellbeing, it boosts holds you accountable.

Accountability is a sign of maturity and responsibility. The greatest thing you can do is maintain responsibility over your own body. Sticking to a challenge heightens your self-confidence. You will feel a sense of accomplishment over fulfilling what you set out to do.

Creating a gratitude list for all of the benefits of healthy eating is enlightening. Often times, we don’t realize all of the good that comes from a healthier lifestyle. When we focus on positive outcomes as opposed to what we have to give up, it will make our transition into wellness easier.

All the best, Good Food makes For Better Decisions.

Chef Murph


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