Starving Yourself – Never Healthy

By Chef K.T. Murphy

Before we start this journey into why you should never starve yourself: let’s discuss some guidelines.Very low-calorie diets are defined as diets where patients consume fewer thanSlide12 800 calories per day over the span of weeks or months. Even under medical supervision very low-calorie diets, are usually not designed to last more than 12 weeks. It is not recommended that anyone attempt a very low-calorie diet and unless you are under the direct supervision of a physician or nutritionist.

For the purposes of this article, anything falling within the guidelines or below of a very low-calorie diet is considered “starving yourself.” Why is eating below the very low-calorie diet guideline bad for you?

Slows Thyroid Production
According to Coach Calorie chronic under eating can slow thyroid output to maintain energy balance. If you throw your thyroid hormones out of balance, you will definitely experience a harder time losing weight. In addition, you could cause permanent thyroid injury. Permanent thyroid injury could lead to lifelong weight management problems as the thyroid helps produce hormones that help regulate weight.

Your Reproductive Hormones Go Off-Line
According to a registered dietitian, Laura Schoenfeld chronic under eating has the ability to impact your reproductive hormones severely. This is especially true in women. You can see it begin with menstruation irregularities. Women will begin to miss their regular cycles, and this is a sign that population is not occurring on a regular basis.

One of the ways that the body preserves it sells is by stopping ovulation. This is called a memory a, and it is caused by chronic calorie deprivation. Many women who are chronic dieters who see. Irregularities may find that their lack of caloric intake could be the cause of their cycle irregularities. Consuming a regular and healthy amount of calories for your body weight is the best way to get your reproductive hormones back on track.

Your Mood Becomes Unstable
One of the best words to come out of current slaying is the word hangry. hangry is derived from combining the words hungry and angry. Moreover, it’s what you will be if you don’t eat enough food. Why do you get cranky and irritable when you’re not eating enough?

Your blood sugar has a lot to do with it. Your brain requires sugar to function optimally. When you don’t have enough blood sugar to fuel your brain one of the first cognitive processes to go away is the ability to control your self. Self-control experts have studied greatly how emotional stress and lack of food can result in aggressive behavior. Having a short fuse may be a sign that you are eating too little.

You Risk Nutrient Deficiencies
One of the reasons they tell you to seek medical attention before beginning a new diet or exercise program is because you probably need advice. More often than not, when you begin a restricted calorie diet, your physician or nutritionist will provide you with a vitamin supplement. This is because when eating a restricted calorie diet you often do not get enough of your essential vitamins and minerals.

A vitamin supplement can help you avoid the risks of a vitamin deficiency, but they are not enough on their own. You need to get the majority of your nutrients from your food due to a thing called bio availability. Bio availability is the body’s ability to absorb the vitamins and minerals that are in the foods we eat. Despite man’s best efforts, vitamin supplements do not have the same bio availability as natural foods.

If thyroid levels, reproductive health, mood, and nutritional quality are all affected when you eat a very low calorie diet, there really is no reason to eat that little. Support your body with healthy whole foods and stay active.

These are the best ways to maintain a positive body image and a healthy body as well.

All the best

Chef Murph


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