Train Yourself to Live in the Moment

By Chef K.T. Murphy
It’s so easy to become distracted by our thoughts since they range from so many

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things like your past, present and future decisions, occurrences and uncertainties.
However, this can be detrimental to mental and physical health because the mind controls so much of how we feel. It’s OK though if you find yourself overthinking because we all do it but the problem is we tend to get so used to our thoughts that we forget about being in the present moment.

Life cannot possibly be enjoyable if we cannot learn to experience what’s right in front of us. So… to be mindful and considerate of your well being, it would benefit you greatly to train yourself to live in the moment…
Why Live in the Moment?
There’s something very special about living in the moment… we see life for what it is and we don’t think about the past while also not thinking too far ahead.
It’s important for us to capture the present moment because it’s all we have when we need to make a decision. Living in the moment allows us to have a healthy mindset and it also reduces stress because we are not allowing our minds to be everywhere at once. This causes confusion and dissatisfaction in life.
Another great benefit of living in the moment is we learn more about ourselves since we get to really see how we interact and focus.
How Can You Train Yourself to Live in the Moment?
There are several ways we can do this…
• Practice mindful exercises (meditation, yoga etc.)
• Eliminate distractions and find a place where you have to focus in the moment.
• Express gratitude and see life for what it is.
• Interact more
While these are not every possible way which can help you to live in the moment, they are preferred and first choice methods to clearing your mind from external distractions.  It just takes a decision to want to be more in the present. There are several things which can allow one to become dissatisfied with life and want to focus on more important things (The present moment).

Make a journal if you have too… write down what’s bothering you and it’s guaranteed that you’ll find these worries will stem from your past and your future.
You can make a plan to change the way you feel but many people go about it the wrong way.  They set expectations which are too high or they worry about what could have been. This is not a good way to plan your life moves.

So how do you plan your life without allowing your thoughts to wander too much?
• Set short and long-term goals.
• Keep yourself busy.
• Understand things take time and a little progress every day is your only option.
By not getting too ahead of yourself you can appreciate the moment more. Understand life is a marathon and not a sprint and you can only accomplish a little bit each day.

Let Your Worries Go By Living In the Moment
We don’t live in the moment enough yet when we go through trials in life and we want to hang on to the positivism. Life doesn’t work this way…We need to appreciate the moment so when worries and stresses arrive, we can be more equipped to handle them.
It just the decision and the desire to want to live in the moment, and although most people would let life punish them emotionally, you can make the decision to be present and mindful regardless of what’s going on around you.
Make the choice today to live in the present moment… your well being depends on it.

All the best

Chef Murph


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