30 Ways To Overcome Difficulties

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Chef Murph Personal Strengths 30 ways

Your Strength From Within

If there’s one thing in life which we must all work hard to overcome, it’s the difficulties that we face in life. That gives us experience. Sometimes we have control and sometimes we do not but one thing that we can always do is make our situation/s better.

Easier said than done sure… but you’ll need a little willpower, belief in yourself and a good support system. You have to learn to file and drop things from your thought. What that means is certain things you can control the outcome. Other things you cannot let them go..

Understand your strengths and weakness. Research, become stronger, better and faster.  Crawl Walk, Run. Overcoming a difficult situation is not easy by any means but there are certainly ways to do it. You have to be willing to take action and so something about the situation in order to improve it. Nobody has ever sat still and overcome any adversity.

We have to develop personal strength if we are to be resilient and even effective at overcoming difficult circumstances in the future… we must start somewhere.  The somewhere is NOW. You must be organized. I use a notebook with 3 subjects. It is simple. Long-term goals in the front, the middle is the cloud of my brain and rear is the everyday operation. I rewrite my list daily in the morning and evening. When I have a distractive thought I write it down in the cloud the middle section. The key is to rewrite before going to be so you can sleep and your brain is clear.  People worry when there is no plan and are easily manipulated.  Don’t be that person!

All the Best

Chef Murph


PS: These were the keys I used in my divorce, I made mistakes but you keep moving forward. Old saying there are 3 balls they bounce till one turns to glass you must catch and deal with that issue completely the others will bounce for another day.


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