BBQ Champion Chef Nicholas Andersch Feeds Camden Homeless With Killer Q

Dinner Service for Camden NJ Homeless at Joseph’s House last night and breakfast this morning  by BBQ Champion Chef Nicholas Andersch was our Special Guest and his wife to be, He is just AWESOME….

Thank you !!


The reason I invited Nick to cook with me is because he is a great inspiration to homeless, to never give up. Nick has a handicap and still rocks on GOING FOR IT!!! Thank you, Chef Nick Success is Yours!!! Chef Nick was jamming in the kitchen before it could even say something he was on it. Welcome in my kitchen anytime, Dude.XOXOX He worked for 6 hours before coming over smoking meats making a killer pasta salad and baked ziti for the homeless and the staff. They ate like royalty with a red neck Q twist.

Chef Nick owns Meat Wagon BBQ can find him at the Zoo, Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company , other Brew festivals in the area plus catering for weddings etc and at Eagles games did I say he was a diehard enthusiastic Philadelphia Eagles fan E-A-G-L-E-S….


What’s really cool is Chef Nick started with a dream He began competing in BBQ competitions around the tri-state area and winning. Chef Nick thought that no one should be deprived of these delicious BBQ delights so decided to go all out. Spending every waking moment building a food truck and selling his BBQ anywhere he could. There’s more and his schedule of events at

Chef Nick, you fed a lot of needy people. Thx dude Now the silly pic with chef Murph. If you want to help me feed the homeless with my foundation please email me



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