Really, Why??? Aren’t You From Eating A Healthy Diet??

by K. T. Murphy ‘Chef Murph”

There is an old saying, which states that you are what you eat. Even though it is used commonly these days, people don’t usually realize just how true this statement is. We live in a time where food is abundant, and comes in many different styles and shapes. I have written a series of 40 +free cookbooks and info ebooks to help you with this matter


The food industry is doing their best to make their products look as delicious as they possibly can, cutting on quality in order to boost profits. Almost any food product you reach for in a supermarket is going to have some kind of artificial additive combined with the rest of the ingredients. Needless to say, these food products are not really healthy for you.

Interestingly, there’s also a great deal of healthy foods that are just as available, yet we usually opt to purchase products that are generally bad for us.

With that said, one has to wonder what is really stopping people from eating healthy if there’s all this healthy food available. There are several reasons, all of which can be easily dealt with.

Lack Of Knowledge

One of the most common reasons for a lack of healthy diet is that many people simply do not know what it means to eat well. Many times, we take the diet habits we learned as kids into adulthood, which can mean real trouble for our health and waistlines. Its not all your fault. Processed food manufactures have to hooked on sugar, Like a drug crazed person and you don’t even know it. that is what is keeping the weight on….

Learning about nutrition is not difficult, and you can find many ready made menus and plans online that will show how to eat well. Take the time to do so because your health and wellness are counting on you.

It’s Easier To Eat Unhealthy Food

Ever since the 70s and 80s, fast food has become a huge part of our daily lives. There are food vendors on almost every corner of every metropolitan city around the globe. This food usually looks delicious, and tastes just as good, which is why so many people choose to eat it so often.

Just like in any other business, the food industry is striving to optimize their profits and cut the costs as much as possible. That translates to more additives being used to boost the flavor and looks of the food they’re trying to sell, with little regard to how this impacts the health of the consumers.

The fact is that you can cook dishes that look and taste as good, if not better than those in fast food restaurants, in comfort of your own home. It’s cheaper and less time consuming, considering that you don’t have to leave your home.

Most importantly, the food that you cook at home is going to be many times healthier. Learning how to cook is anything but hard, and requires little effort to achieve.

Cooking Takes Too Much Time

One of the main issues people bring up when it comes to cooking your meals at home is time. Most of us work at jobs that are time consuming, which only gets worse when you add your daily commute to the equation. Now add other daily activities into the mix, and you get a pretty tight time schedule.

However, cooking meals doesn’t need to be time consuming. After all, there are many dishes you can prepare in 20 minutes. If you don’t want to cook every day, you can always prepare all your meals for the week during the weekend, and package them in individual portions that you can just take from the fridge and warm up. And who knows, cooking might just be an activity that you’ll actually enjoy.

Healthy Food Is Expensive

Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend large sums of money on your food every week. While it’s true that organic produce is usually more expensive, there are ways you can have a healthy diet without breaking the bank.

Produce you have available at your local supermarket is going to be healthy enough for your dietary needs and it is much cheaper to buy fresh fruit than fruit roll ups or other boxed junk When it comes to meat, you can find different cuts that are cheaper but may require some work to remove excess fat or bone. Just using your local store-bought produce and meat, you can already cook numerous variations of different dishes.

Education is Knowledge

Chef Murph

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